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    Please fill in the form below with as much information as possible, then use the button to submit the details. The data will be checked and then sent to us - please wait for the confirmation message to be displayed. There may be a delay between submitting the information and our dealing with it due to the size of our area and the size of our team but we will be in touch shortly. Thank you for contributing to our project.

    The data submitted by you on the form below will be stored securely by us and only used for the purpose of contacting you about the information you have provided (if we have any questions). It will also be used to record the details submitted on our database and on a map which we may publish from time to time and share with other interested bodies. We shall not include any personal data about you on the map or in any other publicly available or shared material. For further information about how we handle personal data, please see our privacy notice.

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    After you've submitted your sighting, we'll survey the sites you've found.

    We'll then update our map of swift sites in the Valley.