Welcome to BVCT

Welcome to the new website for the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust


You can scroll to the bottom of this page to find out more about our aims and objectives, but put simply we’re a group of trustees and volunteers (membership at present over 350) doing all we can to look after the South’s hidden environmental gem – the Blackwater Valley.  

We’ve grown robustly since we started in 2006 but we always need more people to get involved with our work – whether as a Trustee, a member or a volunteer. Joining is quick, easy and cheap – just click here, or here for more information about us.  

Please take a few minutes to stroll round our website. If you are one of the 300,000 people fortunate to live in the Valley, we hope it will make you want to help.

 Do you need firewood?

If you’ve got a log burner and need a reliable source of wood for the coming winter, you can get it from the Trust and help us at the same time.  
The work of our sister organisation, the BVC Partnership, in the Valley produces a regular supply of wood perfect for log burners. It’s either natural fallen timber or manufactured eg. disused fencing. A mixture of seasoned hard and soft wood, it’s brought back to BVCP at Ash Lock in Aldershot and cut to size or split by volunteers. 
We don’t want to compete with local commercial firewood sellers, but you’re likely to find our prices lower because we’re not looking to make a profit. And all proceeds will go to the Trust to help fund our environmental projects. The prices are:
Fencing rails – £3 per bag (rubble sack size) or £10 for 4 bags, £20 for a tonne sack
Split logs – £5 per bag or £12 for 3 bags, £30 for a tonne sack
Please call 01252 331353 for more details and collection hours.

It’s AGM Time!

November 17th 2015

We’re not claiming it will be the most riveting entertainment, but it might be better than a lot of what’s on TV that night! At our AGMs we always try to get through the routine stuff as quickly and enjoyably as possible, while making sure we fully inform you about all that your Trust has achieved this year.

Then it’s on to our guest speaker, who will provide some fascinating insights into a topic closely related to our activities. We’re still finalising details but we can say that the subject will have fur, or feathers, or wings, or maybe more than one of them …..

Intrigued? Then make a note of the time and venue – 7.30pm at the Council Offices in Sandhurst. See you there!