Small grants scheme

We have introduced a small grants scheme to fund projects for like-minded organisations or groups in the Blackwater Valley, to help them achieve their objectives.

About the scheme

Small grants scheme

The minimum grant is £100 and the maximum is currently £3000.

Applications will be reviewed four times a year in the following months: January, April, July, October. Applicants will be informed by the end of the month of review, unless further information is needed.

Applications are now open


Some conditions apply:

  • grants will only be made for purposes we consider to be within our own objectives
  • funds cannot be provided for running or ongoing expenses
  • applicants must have a constitution and a bank account.

Detailed rules of the scheme

How to apply

Examples of purposes that could qualify for grants include:

  • equipment for groups to use for working on local nature areas
  • improvements to places for the benefit of wildlife
  • improving access to recreational facilities
  • path improvements
  • creating new wildlife habitats
  • offering educational opportunities to the public
  • monitoring and recording wildlife

Download an application form

Contact us with any questions.


In June 2017, we awarded our first grant when we gave Frimley Fuel Allotments a contribution towards their scheme to install a number of bat boxes. Trustee Bernard Baverstock gave advice on the purchases.

Since then, we have made several awards for various projects.