Our household members

Membership benefits

Household members qualify for an exclusive 5% discount on anything purchased from Kebur Garden Materials, our AGM sponsors and one of our corporate partners. You'll need to show your membership card at the checkout, along with proof of ID such as a bank card or driving licence.

How to get your membership card

We'd like to be able to issue all members with cards but they are too expensive, easy to lose and would create too much administrative burden for our small team.

Here's how to get your card:

  1. Visit www.membermojo.co.uk (You can revisit this site at any time to check your data on our records is correct)
  2. 'Sign in' to membermojo using the email address you registered with us
  3. Your BVCT membership should then be shown. If you belong to several organisations, you'll need to select BVCT from the drop down list.
  4. Under 'Options', go to 'Membership Card' and select 'View card'
  5. You can show the card electronically, or print it for future use