Welcome to the Hawley Meadows Nature Hunt!

Note for developer: This will either be led by the QR code at the site or through Geo location capabilities

Monthly walk 17 August 2019

Spring has sprung, the natural world is waking up and there is lots to be seen! Have you got what it takes to be a budding nature hunter and find all of the plants and wildlife below?

Note for developer: This section might be dynamic based on time of year visiting

Its a Swan, they're protected by the Crown you know!

Bats can be seen after dark when all the humans are sleeping!

Dan's notes

How to make this look visually good? Will  need to spend some money

Have three sliders, easy to find, medium, hard. Make them carosels of images?

How to show a selection of highly relevant items that could be found by a youngset?

No good having thousands of things to find? How to make it relevant to month?

Design the "achievement" section. Found 1 thing, standard day at the office, 2 - you've searched well today, 3 or 4 - wow, you're a natural, 5 + - move over David Attenborough, I'm coming through!

Map for other sites to visit

Design to be mobile optimised