Section 12 – Jouldings Lane to Swallowfield

Here you'll find directions for section 12 of the Blackwater Valley Path.

Distance: 2.25 miles

1 Jouldings Lane

  • At Jouldings Lane, go straight across the road, over a stile into a field.
  • Head left to the River path
  • The path leaves the River's edge and heads up along a field's edge, before emerging at Thatcher's Ford.

2 Thatcher's Ford

Thatcher's Ford marks the spot where the Roman highway crossed the River Blackwater heading towards the town of Calleva (near present day Silchester).

  • Cross Ford Lane and continue on the right bank past the confluence with the River Whitewater.

3 Into Swallowfield

  • The path turns right away from the River and leads up towards Nutbean Lane.1
  • Turn left into the lane and follow it past the cemetery to the main road.
  • Either: turn left - this short section needs caution as there is no pavement until Salter's footbridge
  • Or: turn right and walk up towards the pub. Cross the road and take the footpath beside the pub. At the junction, go left and continue around the field edge, back down to Swallowfield Road.
  • Cross the bridge after All Saints Church and follow the paved surface past Swallowfield Park into Swallowfield village.

Walkers have permission to park in the Parish Hall car park. Groups should check with the Parish Council first.