Planting saplings for our eco church

Mini gardeners from the local nursery school helped us to plant 100 saplings at the Holy Trinity Eco Church. Once they got the hang of roots and stems, the only way was up!

We chose a mix of UK sourced and grown plants to minimise spread of disease and pests. They arrived between 15-60cm high, so it will be a while before they grow together to provide a food bank for birds and insects.

However, we’re looking forward to hazelnuts, the hips of dog roses, clusters of rowan berries, sloes and elderberries. In spring there’ll be plenty of blossom and catkins to attract pollinators.

Once the hedge is established it will provide shelter and cover for wildlife, and a busy natural highway in the centre of Aldershot.

Preparing the plot for hedging

Last week we were hedging our bets that the driving rain might relent in time for our Friday planting at the Holy Trinity Eco church, Aldershot.

Having been successful in a bid for free hedging from the Woodland Trust, Bernard Baverstock rallied a team of volunteers to prepare the plot.

The area chosen was by the wall on the eastern perimeter of the grounds. There were already a few privet plants and a mature holly bush in situ, so the aim was to infill this with native hedging.

The first step was to clear tussocks of overgrown grass, dead shrubs and self-seeded sycamores. Luckily the rain had left the ground soft and easy to turn over so the rich soil was soon ready to accept the saplings once they arrive.

Thanks to Jane and John Heritage and Geoff Sayer who joined us to brave the drizzle!

Find out more about community planting and the benefits of our Wild Harvest tree pack.

A new contemplation garden

Contemplation garden

The mood board was shared with the volunteers and they soon got down to work:

  • broken path removed
  • plants pruned
  • transferring existing plants into pots for use elsewhere
  • levelling the seating area

The first buddleia was already attracting butterflies!

Next steps were to:

  • create a new gravel path
  • reuse the stone from the obelisk
  • add further plants

Transforming the church entrance

This was the first step for our Eco Church project at Holy Trinity, Aldershot

The first practical step was for a combined Trust and church team to plant lavender around the small grass areas flanking the church entrance.

In future years this will be a spectacular low maintenance display welcoming church goers and passers-by.