Meet our team

Our dedicated Trustees use their wide range of backgrounds to help run the charity. They are supported by a management team.

Our Trustees

Alan Taylor

Role: Coordinating projects and grants

A retired senior civil servant, I live near the Blackwater in Farnborough; part of my garden lies on the former water meadows.

In December 2006 I was a Tuesday volunteer and was co-opted as a BVCT trustee and have been here ever since.  Currently my main interest is coordinating projects and grants, especially through the Small Grants Scheme.


Paul Bryanhill

Role: Treasurer 

Having lived in Blackwater Valley for the past three decades I delighted to have been involved in trust since Spring 2023. I live in Aldershot very near to the start of the Blackwater River and enjoy exploring the countryside in the valley. In my role I will support the trust with all aspects financially related, please feel free to contact me

Chris Smith

Chris Smith

Role: Trustee and Rail 2 Trail lead

I live in Hawley. I have been a Trustee for 10 years.

My main motivation is partnerships and communities and joining them together, whether it be human or wildlife. My interest in, and knowledge of, biodiversity has tripled since I joined BVCT.

Why not join “the BVCT community”. For all things community related contact

Bernard Baverstock

Bernard BaverstockRole: Wildlife expert

Our management team

Sarah Noble

Role: Membership secretary
I moved to the Blackwater Valley four years ago from London as it seemed to me to have the perfect mix of rural countryside and urban living that I was looking for. I have been involved in the trust since spring 2023 helping the team generate interest in the valley and grow our membership. For anything membership related: please email

Dan Le Marquand

thumbnail_5a162985-3a3b-449e-9a34-e28ccaa955caRole: Marketing and website
I live in Farnborough, very near to the Blackwater path and you'll regularly see me walking our dog up and down of a morning! I've been involved in the Trust since Spring 2023, helping the team overhaul the website and generating interest in what we do. For anything marketing related, please email:

Steve Bailey

Role: Trust secretary and Manager of the Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership

We need people like you to help us continue our valuable work - with hundreds of members, we have a lot to do.

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