Section 6 – M3 bridge to Blackwater Park

Here you'll find directions for section 6 of the Blackwater Valley Path.

Distance: 1.5 miles

1 Hawley Meadows

  • Follow the river under the motorway into the first field of Hawley Meadows

This field is the only place in Surrey where the Great Burnet grows – look for it just beyond the first footbridge. More can be seen just over the footbridge on the Hampshire side of the river.

In May and June, this section of the river is used by many fish to spawn. Shoals of Chub and Bream can easily be seen – just upstream of the confluence with Cove Brook is a good place to look.

2 Cove Brook

  • Cross the bridge, turn right and follow the river before veering left to the bridge over Cove Brook.

This slow-flowing river supports dense aquatic vegetation such as the Fringed Water-lily. In summer, the river edge has colourful stands of many species – look for Marsh Woundwort by the confluence with the River Blackwater.

3 Blackwater Park

  • Turn right after the bridge and pass through the meadows into Blackwater park.
  • At the end of Blackwater Park, cross the river using the arched wooden footbridge to reach the A30

Blackwater Park was once a gas works and railway sidings before being restored to a pleasant tree-lined section of the river.

Station link: to Blackwater