Rail to Trail: Blackwater station

Blackwater station, situated in Hampshire, is on the North Downs line from Guildford to Reading.

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Directions to the Blackwater Valley Path

From Platform 2, go up steps to A30. Turn left, cross the bridge and meet the steps from Platform 1.

To follow the Path southwards, keep going to the first pedestrian crossing. Turn right and cross A30 and turn right again. Follow the signposted Path off to the left into Blackwater Park. Pick up Section 6: M3 bridge to Blackwater Park at the Blackwater station link and follow the directions in reverse order.

To follow the Path northwards, at the end of Platform 1 follow Station Approach, keeping left for approx. 160m onto the Path. Pick up Section 7: Blackwater Park to Swan Lane at the Blackwater station link.

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