Fungus Foto Fun – a free competition

Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust and Blackwater Valley Nature Walks have launched a fun free competition. The closing date is 31 October 2020.

About the competition

Summer flowers and insects may be waning but new life is appearing in our Valley. Under bushes and hedgerows, on trees and in the fields fungi are growing. Some are spectacular, brightly coloured, some are graceful and some are enormous. We want to see them - there's loads about.

Get your family out on a walk and find some. Take a photo or two and enter them in our simple competition. We would love it if the children helped find the fungi and took some photos. It’s a great way to involve children in nature.

We can all learn a few simple things. For example, that fungi appear mainly in the warm and wet conditions of autumn. They mainly appear on organic matter like rotting leaves or wood where the fungi help them decompose. We should be conscious of safety. Some fungi are edible and some are poisonous so not touching and being careful even when the fungi might be the edible sort is important. Great information for the kids.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a walk in the Valley area, take the camera or phone and find some fungus!

How to enter | Rules | Prizes

How to enter

For some extra fun, try and identify the type of fungus. It's not essential you get it right - judging will not be affected by incorrect identification. Here are some links to help:


  1. Open to all
  2. Entry is free
  3. Two categories of entrant
    • Adult (includes over 16 years of age on 31 October 2020)
    • Under 16 years of age on 31 October 2020
  4. Photographs must be taken during September/ October 2020 - Closing Date 31 October 2020
  5. Judges decision will be final
  6. Entries should be made as follows
  7. For the purpose of this competition the fungus must be found in one of the following Council areas. Guildford Borough Council, Waverley Borough Council, Rushmoor Borough Council, Surrey Heath Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Council, Hart District Council, Wokingham Borough Council. This includes on any walks in
  8. Copyright in the images submitted by or on behalf of the competition entrant shall remain with the entrant at all times, but images submitted may be used free of charge by Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust and Blackwater Valley Nature Walks for social media or other purposes as they see fit
  9. The prizes will be sent to the winners within 21 days of the end of the competition and the choice being made by the winner(s).


Great nature books suitable for children and adults - winners can choose the one they want.

  1. Any 3 of the Dorling Kindersley Nature Explorers titles
  2. The Wonders of Nature
  3. Collins Bird Guide
  4. Snake
  5. Pocket Nature Wildlife of Britain
  6. Collins Fungi Guide
  7. Bug Bingo