Butterfly and bug hunt

This was a fascinating family walk at Moor Green Lakes with Paul Richards.

Free butterfly and bug hunt 22 June 2019

Butterfly and bug hunt

We were looking for butterflies and bugs but recent wet weather seemed to have slowed down the emergence of many butterflies.

Nevertheless we found a migrant painted lady, marbled white and speckled wood (pictured), red admiral, brimstones, common blues, meadow browns and ringlets. Also an interesting day flying moth called burnet companion.

We also found several dragonflies and damselflies including black-tailed skimmer (female pictured), large red, broad-bodied chaser and hundreds of common blue damselflies. Banded demoiselles were also found.

Not to be outdone, flowers were spectacular including meadow cranes-bill, horseshoe vetch, agrimony, lesser stitchwort and St John’s wort.

Our sincere thanks go to Paul for his expertise and impressive skills with his butterfly net.