BVCT promotes outdoor learning

The Guillemont School outdoor classroom was officially opened by the Mayor of Rushmoor Borough Council.

Guillemont School outdoor classroom

Guillemont School outdoor classroom

We worked with Guillemont School to enhance their woodland area, so that it can be used for education but remain a valuable habitat for wildlife. As well as specialist knowledge, we also provided a grant which enabled the project to go ahead.

The tireless school governor, Georgina Compton, managed to get path making gravel donated by Grundon and this was laid by workers from Bellway Homes, who also provided base material for the decking.

The woodland now has a decking area with storage box seating, which will be used by the whole school for outdoor learning sessions. It will also be available for the local community.

We will continue to increase the wildlife value of the site with woodland flowers and hedging, while providing various nesting opportunities within the school grounds.

The picture is, left to right, the Chairman of the school governors, the Mayor, Bernard Baverstock (BVCT Trustee) and the Head Master.