Helping to restore Warren Woods

We’re supporting Surrey Heath Tree Wardens to improve this ancient woodland.

Removing unwanted vegetation

Restoring Warren Woods

Restoring Warren Woods

Invasive laurel and overgrown holly have been removed in order to open up the ground, let more light in and allow a more natural understory to be planted or grow naturally.

This is already showing big benefits. The woodland is changing with interesting new growth emerging. In one or two corners, we have native bluebells and daffodils, although there are still a lot of garden plants to remove including large clumps of Spanish Bluebell.

Homes for birds

At the end of January, we donated 12 bird boxes to Surrey Heath Tree Wardens. Colin Wilson, Vice-Chair of the Trust handed the boxes to Jerry Brownlee, Vice-Chair of the Tree Wardens, assisted by John Mackey who made these superb boxes for us.

They were installed in February, just in time for the nesting season. This will create more habitat for the small birds that haven't been able to find a suitable home due to the removal of the invasive laurel and overgrown holly.

Looking ahead

Warren Wood is beginning to look cared for once more, although it will be some time before it is back to truly demonstrating what an ancient woodland looks like.