Section 8 – Swan Lane to Grove Lake

Here you'll find directions for section 8 of the Blackwater Valley Path.

Distance: 2 miles

At present, this is the one section of the Blackwater Valley path where there is no riverside footpath. The following route using public roads is suggested.

1 Pass through Sandhurst

Station link: to Sandhurst

  • Turn left and follow Sandhurst High Street

2 Horseshoe Lake

Overlooked by Finchampstead Ridges, Horseshoe Lake Watersports Centre is a superb venue for learning non-motorised watersports, such as canoeing, sailing, windsurfing and dragon boating

3 Join the riverside path

  • Head towards the centre to join the path at the lakeside
  • Either: turn left to rejoin the river, then right and follow the river to Grove Lake
  • Or: turn right and walk round Horseshoe Lake to meet the river at Grove Lake