Section 5 – Coleford Bridge to M3 Bridge

Here you'll find directions for section 5 of the Blackwater Valley Path.

Distance: 2.5 miles

1 Cross Coleford bridge

  • Turn right at the top of the ramp and cross Coleford bridge using the roadside pavement

Look west: you can see St Michael's Abbey. It was built in 1888 and is still used by Benedictine Monks.

Look north: you can see Farnborough Convent College. Home from 1881-1920 to Empress Eugene of France, founder of St Michael's Abbey.

2 Descend from Coleford bridge


  • With steps: use the steps down to the river and continue with care under the road bridge


  • Without steps: pass the steps and go round the bend at the bottom of the slope

3 Join the track

  • Once under the road bridge, pass with caution the entrance drive to the Quays


  • With steps: take the path to the right of the river and cross back on the large footbridge to join the track


  • Without steps: continue on the track directly ahead

4 Walk to Frimley bridge

  • Pass beneath the railway and go under the next bridleway bridge

Station link: to Farnborough North station

  • Cross the river and turn left to continue along the riverbank to Frimley bridge

5 Rejoin the river

Station link: to Frimley station

  • At Frimley bridge, follow the brown footpath signs
  • Cross the Frimley Road and turn left to cross the one-way slip road at the pelican crossing
  • Use the pavement on the road bridge to cross over the major road
  • Either descend the steps on the left or take the ramp further on
  • Turn left and go under the bridge to rejoin the river

6 Walk to the M3 bridge

  • Keep to the right bank of the river through Frimley Business Park to the M3 bridge