Section 11 – Eversley Bridge to Jouldings Lane

Here you'll find directions for section 11 of the Blackwater Valley Path.

Distance: 2.25 miles

1 Eversley Bridge

  • Be very careful crossing the road and continue over Eversley Bridge.
  • Just before the post box, turn right and go through the small gate beside Bakers Farm House.
  • The path is first narrow the widens to have an open character with a ditch on one side and open fields on the other.
  • Go through a gate and turn left to follow a wooded field boundary.
  • At the corner of this field go though a gate and directly right along an avenue of Holly trees.

2 New Mill

  • Go right in front of the livery stables, then left and straight across the first paddock.
  • In the second paddock, veer left and exit the field through the gate.
  • Follow the path and turn right onto the road leading down to New Mill.

New Mill is now a restaurant, but the sluice gates and mill pond are still present.

  • Cross the river at New Mill.
  • Take the first left down a minor dead end road, towards Greenacres Farm.

This downstream section of the River Blackwater is large enough to support Barbel

3 Jouldings Lane

  • After passing Greenacres Farm, take the track leading down towards the River.
  • When the track surfacing ends, cross the stile and follow the green lane.
  • Turn right over a stile and cross the fields, passing more stiles.
  • Turn left through a gate, kaaping the fence and River close on your left until Jouldings Lane.