Section 10 – Longwater Road to Eversley Bridge

Here you'll find directions for section 10 of the Blackwater Valley Path.

Distance: 1.5 miles

1 Longwater Road to Longwater Lane

  • Once over Longwater Road, turn left and follow the field edge. This section can become wet in winter.
  • Cross the small bridge over a ditch and turn immediately right to join Longwater Lane.

Longwater Lane is the ancient route between Eversley and Finchampstead, lined with many ancient oak trees.

2 Fleet Copse

  • On reaching a wood on your left, Fleet Copse, turn left over a stile to walk along the edge of open fields.

Fleet Copse woodland has existed in its present shape since at least 1761.

3 Eversley Bridge

  • Pass Fleethill Farm and join Fleet Lane to reach the road ahead.
  • Turn left along the road to Eversley Bridge.