Nature’s future in Surrey Heath?

Does nature have a future in Surrey Heath?

Does nature have a future in Surrey Heath?

Our speakers

Our public debate

On 2 November, we held our Natural Surrey Heath public debate to explore this question. It took place in front of a full house at the Camberley Theatre.

Mike Swaddling was the MC while Colin Wilson set the scene with a description of the appalling losses in wildlife in recent times.

Our speakers

Our guest list included Michael Gove, MP for Surrey Heath and Secretary of State for the Environment who explained, and took questions about, the government’s 25 year environmental plan.

Daniel Raven-Ellison, inspirational founder of the London National City Park Project then talked about his work.

We also heard from Adam Wallace, assistant area manager of Natural England, about their work in the country and specifically on our local heaths.

Colin Wilson ended the evening with a call to action to start repairing our losses now.

The future

This theme will be continued urgently because our whole eco-system is under threat and only massive support from the public will ensure action in time.

Ensure you vote for nature when you’re next at the polling station!