Stag Beetles are a priority species for the UK. We are lucky to have a good population in the Valley and we want to ensure that this remains so in the future. The Blackwater Valley Countryside Appeal for 2016 is to create a network of habitats throughout the valley so Stag Beetle populations do not become isolated. The larvae are long lived but the adults do not move far from where they emerge. The males can fly up to 500m but most females travel no more than 20m. Stag Beetles need dead wood to lay their eggs and their larvae feed on the rotting wood. This is becoming a problem as valuable habitat is being lost to wildlife as parks & gardens are tidied up.

With your help, our Objectives are:

  • Build 50 new breeding sites in the Blackwater Valley using existing dead wood
  • Build at least one stumpery every kilometre or 10ha of woodland.
  • Get local groups involved to build stumperies  on their sites e.g. local conservation areas, schools’ grounds & private back gardens They will all help to achieve our targets
  • Record all known Stag Beetle locations in the Blackwater Valley BVCP staff and Volunteers can fill in the gaps on the sites BVCP manages
  • Produce a report on Stag Beetles locations & sightings in the Valley. This will map the current populations in the Valley and also contribute towards national figures compiled by PTES (People’s Trust for Endangered Species).

There are several ways you can support our Appeal

  • Let us know of existing Stag Beetle habitats in the Valley
  • Let us have your Stag Beetle sightings [ID note: Stag Beetles are smooth and shiny]
  • Build one or more stumpery ..Log Pyramid leaflet [Logs are available – Please ask if you need some]
  • Let us know the locations of your new Stumperies
  • Make your garden Stag Beetle friendly …Stag Beetle leaflet
  • Tell your friends and get them involved too!
  • Donate at Blackwater Valley Countryside events or on BVCT website.


Male & female stag beetles photo Ross Bower, PTES..People’s Trust for Endangered Species