A walk around a (big) pond

November 19th 2016

At this time of year the weather is always a risk, but it smiled on us today – frosty to start but soon warmed up with not a spot of rain in sight. Led by Mike Burns and yours truly actinpond3big-pond-2g as back marker seventeen of us, all signed up BVCT members, did a tour of Fleet Pond in what turned out to be a nice brisk walk (~ 5m).

On the way we stopped at Sandy Bay, where we viewed numerous black-headed gulls, various ducks and geese as well as swans, herons and cormorants. During the walk we noted lot
s of winter berries on show including holly, elder and rowan, nature’s food store for wintering birds and small mammals.

It was good to meet up with old friends and new, and overall a very pleasant walk to end the 2016 programme originally scheduled by our late friend Clive Andrews. But it isn’t the last walk of the year –  please keep an eye open for our ‘Walk off the Xmas Pudding’, taking place on Thursday 29th December, which is now open for bookings.

Ken Bigrave

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