Herons and Heather

Circular Walk – 20 August 2016

A couple of people had fallen ill, and others we hope were enjoying themselves on holiday, so only six willing walkers gathered at Basingstoke Canal Centre for the Trust walk on 20 August. Rain threatened, but never arrived; indeed, the sun put in an appearance.

At the start we proceeded along the canal where we were entertained by a statue-like heron, swans, ducks, geese and coots, and a number of kayakers. At Ash Vale we turned east and climbed up Tunnel Hill, the hillsides painted pink and purple by heather flowering its best. Next we entered the mixed woodlands of Mytchett Ranges, views opening and closing and the ground cover varying from lush grass to calf-high bilberry thickets to a barren thatch of decaying pine needles, according to the nature and density of the tree cover. We came back to the canal and so, after 5½ miles, to the starting point, just in time to go in search of lunch.

Alan Taylor

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