This little creature turned up at the Trust’s last monthly meeting, brought along by Trustee Bernard Baverstock. He had been to Tesco after having received a call that the Daubenton’s bat had been discovered in the store and just needed food and water before being released along the Blackwater River in Shepherd Meadows.bat1

Bernard is registered with the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) as a bat carer. The BCT has a national Bat Helpline, 0345 1300 228, which is manned by volunteers, for outside office hours enquiries, during the active bat season. This requires a massive amount of volunteer work as usually any incident has to be passed to a registered carer, who then will have to either collect the bat or receive it into care. Sometimes this care can be for a short time, as with the Tesco Daubenton’s, or involve a long process of rehabilitation, and of course there are many times when the bat will not survive, the number one reason being cat attacks.
Anyone wanting more information, or maybe to contribute to the cost of this helpline, can find more information on the BCT website

Posted: 08th October 2016 at 10:47 AM by BVCT Admin
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