Michael Gove at Surrey Heath Show

Our Surrey Heath MP and famed Brexiteer was apparently at the SHS on Saturday 20th May, but somehow didn’t manage to stop by our stand. Never mind – we had plenty of visitors without him. The show was very well attended despite the erratic weather, and we were able to use the opportunity to spread the word about our work.

Oh, how they rambled …

Residents around Snaprails Park and other points in the Sandhurst area might have done a double-take on Sunday 23rd April, as a procession of over 150 walkers paraded before their eyes. We had told them to get ready to ramble, and that’s exactly what they did over 12 miles through local natural spaces such as Wildmoor Heath, Swinley Forest, Caesar’s Camp, and Ambarrow Court. They went up and down the Devil’s Highway, skirted Horseshoe Lakes, and dallied in Shepherds Meadows on a 4-hour jaunt that included a close-up of Broadmoor (from the car park, where welcome refreshments – including choccy biscuits – were available). The weather was perfect – dry, not too hot, a light cool breeze. Lots of positive feedback and some cash in the coffers for the current appeal made all the effort that went into the preparation worthwhile. We’ll have some photos for you soon.