Circular walk 7 – in the footsteps of highwaymen at Yateley

A walk that links two of the most important habitats in the Valley – heathland and wild flower meadows

About the walk

Start point: Yateley Common gravel pit car park off the A30, near Blackwater

Distance: 8 km/ 5 miles

Walk time: 2 hours 30 minutes

Terrain: relatively flat with some slopes, areas of uneven ground and steps

Getting there

Train: the nearest station is Sandhurst

1 Round Yateley Common

  • Leave the car park by the main track and at the junction take the path to the left towards the pond. Walk past with the pond on the left until you reach the house on your right. Take the central path between the house and the pond. Follow the sandy path slightly uphill to the junction with five tracks
  • Take the third track from the left and immediately follow the path headinig left away from the houses, by a gas pipeline marker. Follow the track downhill to fields with a pond on the right
  • Turn left to follow the track along the fence line. This track heads round to the right then away from the fence line, running parallel with the road. Keep to the main track which heads uphill. When the track forks, head right, parallel with the power lines. Then at a group of three pylons, continue with pylons on your left and take the second track on the right. Then take the first turning on the left
  • At the bottom of the hill turn right at the crossroads. Then keep left at the fork. The path now bears to the right and heads uphill. Take a narrow path to the left with a ‘5’ waymarker. This will take you along the side of Wyndham’s Pool. Walk around three sides of the pool then continue along the track straight ahead. At the fork, take the left track. Then at the crossroads continue straight on to come out onto Cobbett’s Lane

2 Through Yateley

  • Turn left into the lane. At Stevens Hill turn right. Continue following the road, keeping to the right hand side. Cross Field Road and head straight, along Round Close and then Potley Hill Road, which takes you to the Reading Road
  • Cross Reading Road at the lights by Frogmore Community Campus. Then turn right and follow the pavement heading left down Darby Green Lane. Continue down Darby Green Lane, crossing the road when the pavement ends

3 Along the Blackwater River

  • Just before you reach a metal bridge over the River Blackwater, a wooden fingerpost points right to the Blackwater Valley Path

Station link: to Sandhurst

  • Follow the path as it twists and turns along the river bank, do not turn away from the edge of the river
  • On reaching a large metal bridge, cross over the river and railway line, then continue straight to a crossroads. Turn right over a wooden bridge to cross back over the river into Shepherd Meadows. Continue along the path with the river on the left

4 Through Blackwater to the start

  • At the next crossroads turn right, taking the path towards houses. Cross the railway line and road on the other side. Continue along the grass strip that runs along the backs of the houses to the left of Binsted Drive. Turn right along the second grass strip, to emerge onto Rosemary Lane. Cross at the bollards
  • Turn right and then left into Bell Lane. At the end of this lane cross the road and walk through the green with the hall on the right. Continue through the bollards, cross the private road to follow Green Lane past a school on the left to Reading Road. Cross the busy road with care and enter Yateley Common. Follow the bridle path straight ahead back to the car park