AGM Packs Them In (Without Dancing Girls)

For the third year in a row we managed to attract around 60 people to our AGM. It was standing room only in the Kitty Dancy Room at Sandhurst Memorial Hall on February 16th, although Trust Chairman Mike Swaddling joked that he had briefly thought about bringing in a troupe of dancing girls to overcome the general opinion that AGMs can be rather stodgy affairs.

After welcoming the Mayor of Sandhurst and guest speaker Julian Evans, Mike ran through the highlights of the past year, but firstly paid tribute to Clive Andrews, the Trust’s circular walks organiser, who had died the previous January. Mike then explained that the loss of Membership Secretary Barbara Pilkington to health problems had resulted in the loss of a number of individual members through non-renewal, although there had been success in the corporate sector.

Finally he thanked Trustee Sue Cload, who was moving away, for all her past contributions to the Trust’s work, plus all of those too numerous to mention who had “put in a shift” for the Trust this year. Among their achievements had been the completion of projects with a total value of £9k, two successful appeals, and another very popular Walk the Path.

Treasurer Alan Rolfe ran through the financial results for the year, which showed a small deficit. The Business Plan and the  Annual Report were both adopted.

After the break Professor Julian Evans OBE gave a very entertaining talk, which some described afterwards as inspiring, on his purchase and management of a 30-acre woodland over 30 years. As Mike said in his thanks, the secret of a polished speaker is in-depth knowledge of your subject, which Julian had clearly shown, as well as a fascinating look at the past, present and future of forestry in Britain.

Reference: Business Plan Projects